Black Bean Brownies


To see the original recipe, check it out on Chocolate-Covered Katie! Wow does she have a lot of great ideas!!) When I went to my parent’s house one weekend we were talking about… Continue reading

Peanut Butter Greek Yogurt Frosting


(This recipe was discovered on Sally’s Baking Addiction) I originally went online to look for a new recipe to frost the pet birthday cakes that I make at my store. I was making… Continue reading

Lemon Water


I like to squeeze lemon in my water every morning, but I don’t always like using a cutting board, knife and baggie or tupperware to cut them and store the other half. So… Continue reading

Flatbread Pizza


Flatbread pizza is delicious! Through experimentation, we’ve found that putting the sauce down first like a traditional pizza, we get soggy crust no matter what. So we’ve changed things around and decided to… Continue reading



Here’s how I make my smoothies in the morning. I love this little individual blender that we have because it makes the smoothie right in the “to go” cup. We bought extra cups… Continue reading

Pecan Pie, and no HFCS


My husband has been on a pecan pie kick, and after finding out that corn syrup is in it I HAD to find an alternative and try making it myself. I’ve only ever… Continue reading

Black Beans and Sodium Content


I don’t use black beans for a lot of stuff–yet. Just wait until I find more uses! I love them in my stir fry at HuHot and my #1 love for them is… Continue reading

Breakfast Sandwich


You’ll hear “I got this at Sam’s Club” a lot from me. That’s where I do 90% of my grocery shopping. People are usually shocked to find that out–why can’t they have healthy… Continue reading

Bolthouse Farms Dressing


Ranch dressing is something I can’t give up. I’ve tried making my own, but it never turns out good. So I feel like this is probably a good alternative. Ingredients:¬†BUTTERMILK (CULTURED NONFAT MILK,… Continue reading

Pumpkin Spice Protein Pancakes


I had originally tried a recipe found on The Super Sisters website, but had a very hard time getting the pancakes to stay together when cooking, so I added oats. Their recipe was… Continue reading

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