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How To Make Vanilla Extract


Ingredients at least 8 oz vodka 3 vanilla beans per 8 oz of vodka Instructions Split the vanilla beans with a knife. Don’t cut them in half completely, just score them. Put your… Continue reading

Making a Flax Egg


I was doing my usual cooking on a Sunday and ran out of eggs! I needed one for bread and one for turkey burgers. I had read about a “flax egg” several times… Continue reading

Cooking Quinoa


I am still very new to quinoa, so I was very happy to run across this page today. I wanted to make “quinoa and cheese” (instead of mac and cheese) but I was… Continue reading



This is a really easy “recipe”. Add a quart of heavy whipping cream to your stand mixer and turn it on! I’ve added pictures to show you the different stages the cream goes… Continue reading

G.H. Cretors Popped Corn


Here’s one of my Sam’s Club finds from last night–caramel corn WITHOUT high fructose corn syrup! They make it with brown rice syrup, and their website says they also use all natural ingredients,… Continue reading

Food Portioning


Here’s one of my Sam’s Club finds–chicken sausage! I like to have everything individually packaged, and here’s how I do it. The sausage comes in three packages of five. For some people, cooking… Continue reading

Black Beans and Sodium Content


I don’t use black beans for a lot of stuff–yet. Just wait until I find more uses! I love them in my stir fry at HuHot and my #1 love for them is… Continue reading

Bolthouse Farms Dressing


Ranch dressing is something I can’t give up. I’ve tried making my own, but it never turns out good. So I feel like this is probably a good alternative. Ingredients:¬†BUTTERMILK (CULTURED NONFAT MILK,… Continue reading

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