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Back in the Saddle


Climbing back in the saddle after illness, time off, or whatever, can take a bit of effort.  When you get hurt, get sick, or just plain need a few days off, sometimes getting… Continue reading

Have Fun Working Towards Something


Today’s inspirational music – More human than human by white Zombie. Have you ever noticed that athletes are always working towards something? They need to keep working out to get to the next… Continue reading

Repetition is Habit


Today’s inspirational music: Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N Roses We all are creatures of habit.  In fact, we needs habits so badly that in order to rid ourselves of old habits… Continue reading

Can You Rest Without Resting?


Today’s inspirational music: I Don’t Wanna Stop by Ozzy Osbourne Everyone who is a serious weightlifter talks about having rest days.  Hell, rest in general is supposed to be big for bodybuilding in… Continue reading

Fight For It


Today’s inspirational music: Guilt by Nero Anything worth having is worth fighting for. Keep that in mind while your running and you want to quit. Keep that in mind when you’re lifting and… Continue reading

Try Something… Fail. Try Something Else…


Hello, there.  If you read my last fitness blog post, you’ll know that about two weeks ago I attempted to start going to the gym seven days a week, doing some form of… Continue reading

The 12 Week (84 Day) Challenge… Day 1


This post will be longer than the others, I believe, but I still need to start somewhere. Hello, I’m the “Mister” part of the NDnuTricia’s family.  You can call me DJ. I have… Continue reading

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