Back in the Saddle

Climbing back in the saddle after illness, time off, or whatever, can take a bit of effort.  When you get hurt, get sick, or just plain need a few days off, sometimes getting back on top of things and getting back to work is harder than it needs to be.

Last week, I got the flu.  For three full days, I was so tired that I fell asleep in my chair at work and didn’t even know two people came into my office and three others woke me up.  That was enough to send me home to sleep for a total of 30 hours in 48 hours.  After that, I spent a good chunk of time sleeping and resting until Sunday rolled around and I had to put up or shut up… and I put up.

When I went to the gym on Sunday, I eased back into things.  Monday, I did a light workout again, making me feel like something was getting done but not a lot.  I was ready to do something more, something that made me feel like I was working out again.

Then today happened.  BANG.  I was back, baby.  I did more, worked out harder, lifted heavier weights, and lasted longer at the gym and after I left, I was ready to punch a gorilla in the face.  I’m amped for tomorrow… because I’m going to knock that out of the park, too.

Get back in the saddle.  Stop making excuses.

DJ of Lime