Have Fun Working Towards Something

Today’s inspirational music – More human than human by white Zombie.

Have you ever noticed that athletes are always working towards something? They need to keep working out to get to the next game, the next match, or the next fight. There is always a “next” for them and since they’ve got the talent to compete for a “next” competitive event, they are always working out.

I want to have goals, too.

Over on Lime Flavored.com, I created WAFFLE. WAFFLE stands for World Association of Fitness Fanatics Loving Exercise. The idea was exactly what I proposed above: create something for someone to always be working towards… like an athlete.

A person sets a goal. It can be any fitness goal and it can be any goal that helps you obtain a personal milestone. For instance, my initial WAFFLE goal was to walk 20,000 steps, climb 25 flights of stairs, and run a mile in 15 minutes. You don’t need 3 goals, I just chose 3 for that first one. Live and learn. What is my personal goal for WAFFLE 5? I plan to run a mile in under 10 minutes. That’s 5 less minutes than 6 months ago. I’m improving.

When I started my personal weight loss plan, I was only looking at losing weight. My wife and I were walking and eat right, which lead to 50+ lbs for her and 95+ lbs for me. I’ve put some weight back on but I’m beginning to believe that’s muscle because I think my love handles are shrinking. I think.

Every time you accomplish a goal for a WAFFLE, you earn a win. If you fail, you lose. I wanted a boxing/UFC style motivator to keep me working towards bigger, better, faster, and more fitness. Thus WAFFLE was born.

I write this as a 3-0 Cruiserweight. Yes, there are weight classes. There may come a time when Another Cruiserweight wants to compete against me, and I’d like to make sure they aren’t significantly heavier or lighter than me to make that fair. That also means I’ve created championships for the weight classes, another motivator.

At present, I plan on claiming the Cruiserweight championship at WAFFLE 8. That’s assuming I can get back down to Cruiserweight. I may end up being a Heavyweight. In any case, I’ll be a more fit champion than when I started.

I make posters for the events. They are on scheduled days, weeks, and I’m sure other periods of time will eventually pop up, to let multiple people compete at once. They’re designed to motivate and drive you to become better.

It’s working for me. Why don’t you try?