Can You Rest Without Resting?

Today’s inspirational music: I Don’t Wanna Stop by Ozzy Osbourne

Everyone who is a serious weightlifter talks about having rest days.  Hell, rest in general is supposed to be big for bodybuilding in general but what happens when you can’t rest on rest day?

I slept terrible last night.  In fact, I often sleep terrible going into rest days.  That doesn’t really help me out a lot because if I’m not getting my rest on rest days, then can I really be doing things correctly?

I’m unable to fall asleep naturally… unless I have to go to work or I need to do something around the house, then I can sleep on a dime.  Sleeping at night, though, requires some extra help (like melatonin).  This isn’t the only rest I’m talking about, though.  Sleep is important but sleep isn’t the only rest you need.

There are memes floating around the Internet about working out on rest day.  Most of them display someone ashamed of doing so because the muscle being built actually happens on rest day rather than during the workouts.  I find myself wanting to be working out more than resting these days, which I find odd.  I never used to want to do anything and now I find myself trying to figure out how to change rest day into a workout that will allow my body to build the muscle I’m looking for but trying to figure out something else to work on.  Right now I’m trying to run on my rest days because that is at least something that can be done everyday: cardio.

I have to figure out how to get rest, sleep, on rest day because if I don’t I’ll be walking around like a zombie all day long… or typing on a website about walking around like a zombie.