Fight For It

Today’s inspirational music: Guilt by Nero

Anything worth having is worth fighting for. Keep that in mind while your running and you want to quit. Keep that in mind when you’re lifting and you want to take the last set easy. Keep that in mind when you look down and see that gut you’re trying to get rid of.

I write this walking on a treadmill, at the gym, at 6:30 am. I’ve been here since a little after 5. Why? Because I’m tired of being a fat, sad sack.

I’m on week 2 of my new 4 days a week plan. The old 84 day challenge didn’t give me any rest and now that getting rest, I think I’m doing better. Hell, I’m even lifting 40k lbs a day now. It feels good.

I hurt. I’m tired. I’m sweaty. But in a couple months, I’ll be happier.