The 12 Week (84 Day) Challenge… Day 1

This post will be longer than the others, I believe, but I still need to start somewhere.

Hello, I’m the “Mister” part of the NDnuTricia’s family.  You can call me DJ.

I have been losing weight for the past year, 97 pounds to be exact, and in January (two months before the year happened) I plateaued.  I’ve been stuck between 90 and 97 pounds since the middle of January.  Frustrating, to say the least, but that also meant that what I was doing, while working, needed to be expanded.  So I made some changes.

First, though, let me tell you the changes that have already been made.  You’re here, so you know what kinds of things I eat because if Tricia makes it, I eat it.  We have eliminated all high fructose corn syrup, processed sugars, processed grains, and have gone almost completely without deep fried foods.  I say almost because we DO eat out once in a while and that usually includes a side of fries, which we know are deep fried.  The processed sugars and grains, though, are completely eliminated at home.  In fact, if we eat at home, we don’t eat anything that has any bad things in them.  My sandwiches, for instance, are usually peanut butter and jelly: homemade whole wheat bread, homemade peanut butter, and homemade jam.  That is only one example, but what I’m trying to say is that what I eat is as healthy as I can get.

In January, for my “birthday” (I quoted that because it was early January and it just happened to be part of my birthday presents for the month), I joined Gold’s Gym.  I’ve been lifting weights and doing cardio there between three and five days a week.  While I’ve noticed some improvements, I went from focused muscle groups to doing every muscle group every time.  When I stopped focusing, though, I think I noticed less progress.  That led me to start looking for ways to improve and get back on both the weight loss and ways to build muscle.  I found

I’m an Apple user, that’s the company and not the fruit.  I have an iPhone, iPad, Macbook, and iMac computer.  On iOS, I started using BodySpace,’s own iOS app.  I set up a rotation of workouts on there, based on a weight training program I found on the site, and customized it in the app to track my workouts.  I was previously going to track my workouts in a spreadsheet but the app is so much better.  The program on the site I used as a basis was the Lee Labrada’s Lean Body 12-Week Daily Trainer.  I modified it with my own exercise preferences, isolating muscle groups into about an hour to 90 minute workouts so that I can fit them in before work in the morning instead of staggering my workouts throughout the day, which was partly responsible (in my eyes) for my lack of progress for the last two or three weeks.  My own workout program can be found on the site (the Lime Flavored 84 Day Challenge), you just have to be a member to see it.

I’ve isolated three basic workouts: Chest, Triceps, and Forearms (Lime Flavored Workout #1); Back and Biceps (Lime Flavored Workout #2); and Abs and Legs (Lime Flavored Workout #3).  There are also two different cardio routines that I created so that I’m not always doing the same thing at the gym: Jogging and Stair Mill (Lime Flavored Cardio #1); and Elliptical and Treadmill Walking (Lime Flavored Cardio #2).  I have those set up in a staggered and erratic pattern, just like the workouts in my plan are.  I will eventually post the calendar of workouts, as well as what the workouts contain, in the coming weeks.  But let me start out by telling you what I did this morning.

April 13, 2014: a Sunday.  Gold’s Gym opens at 7:00 am on Sundays, so I was there about 6:50 (because they sometimes are open a little earlier).  I changed shoes, locked my gear up, and went to lift some weights.  Using the BodySpace app, I went through Lime Flavored Workout #2 (which was the first one scheduled) in about 01:17 (that’s 1 hour and 17 minutes).  There were 1 minute breaks between each set and 45 second breaks between each workout.  Since I was using the BodySpace app for the first time to track a workout, a couple of my breaks were both a little long and a little short but everything evened out in the end.  Let me tell you: I could hardly lift my arms when I was done.

According to my spreadsheet, I used the data from the BodySpace app workout tracker, I lifted 32,788 pounds total today.  If the workout was one armed, and since both arms need to be worked out, that workout’s total was doubled.  My BodySpace app only credited me with 28,000 pounds and I’m not entirely sure why, but I’ll figure that out in the future.  Now that today is over, I have to prepare for tomorrow.

Before the gym, I ate a Mojo Bar from Clif.  The one I ate was the Mountain Trail Mix bar with a protein shake.  I also take some supplements, like fat burners, coconut oil, and things like that.  After the workout, I had an egg white omelet with parmesan cheese and two slices of homemade toast with strawberry/blueberry jam.  I ate that with coffee and I’m having a second coffee as I type this because caffeine gets the metabolism going.

The 84 Day Challenge will have me at the gym every day for 84 straight days.  I will be going to the gym on Sundays at 7:00 am, Mondays through Fridays at 4:30 am, and Saturdays in the afternoons/evenings (because work starts at 7:00 am and I really can’t skip out on the first couple hours to workout).  By the end of the 84th day, I should have no gut to speak of, muscles I can be proud of, and the means to help others achieve what I have by sharing my experiences along the way.

My intention is to blog about this activity daily but because I can’t seem to do that consistently on my own site, Lime, in any fashion, I’ll just blog here as often as I can.

I hope you join me in my quest for fitness and I invite you to come on over and join WAFFLE (World Association of Fitness Fanatics Loving Exercise), too.