Greek Yogurt

I had no idea that you could make your own yogurt until Pinterest. I’m sure lots of people say “I had no idea you could…until I saw it on Pinterest.” A lot of the tutorials were showing people wrapping up measuring cups of milk in towels and blankets and putting them in coolers and it made no sense to me. A “yogurt maker” exists, and it makes much more sense to me. Or if a crock pot can be programmed to a certain temperature I could also see that working pretty well. Here is my method of making yogurt.

This is the first part of the process, the cooking. I use 4 cups of 1% milk and use a microwave to heat my milk to 180 degrees. When I have buttermilk left over from making butter, I add up to 1 cup buttermilk and 3 cups 1% milk. In my microwave it takes about 7 minutes to reach 180 degrees. Once the yogurt is cooled to 110 degrees you need to add 1-2 Tbsp of yogurt to the milk, this gives it its cultures. You can use storebought yogurt or homemade. Since I’m always finishing one batch of yogurt and starting a new one at the same time, I just take a spoonful from the batch that just got done.

24 hours later, here’s the rest of the process.

The yogurt slides out of the container in one clump. I guess you don’t have to strain your yogurt, but I like it thick like Greek yogurt so I do. After it stops dripping I pick up the strainer and swirl the yogurt around to get as much whey out as possible. To flavor the yogurt I’ve been using about 1 Tbsp of honey and 1 oz of coffee syrup (sugar free caramel for now).

The yogurt is a little clumpy when you’re done straining it, just use a whisk and mix it until it’s smooth when you add the flavoring. I put it in in the fridge for another day before I eat it, and it gets even thicker in the fridge.

I am making yogurt almost every morning to keep up with our “habit”. I normally have yogurt with fruit for breakfast, we often eat it as a snack and I use it in smoothies.


Here are some methods that haven’t worked for me. If you’ve had success–please share!

I have tried using guar gum instead of powdered milk, about 1 tsp per batch. The yogurt never gets thick.

I have tried using So Delicious coconut milk (in the 4 cup or 8 cup cartons), not the cans of coconut milk. It also doesn’t turn into yogurt.