Quinoa and Cheese

This is a great substitute for macaroni and cheese! I don’t have a lot of uses for quinoa yet, but after learning how to microwave cook it, I hope to find more recipes.

This isn’t exactly a recipe, but more an idea of what to do with your cooked quinoa. Ours includes a vegetable, chicken, homemade cheese sauce and quinoa.

Cook your chicken however you’d like. I cooked one chicken breast in the oven with seasoning while baking dog treats–because the oven was on anyway. I buy my veggies at Sam’s Club in 1 lb steamer bags, so I cook up a bag of broccoli or broccoli/cauliflower/carrots and season them a little bit. I found that the quinoa and cheese was really bland if I didn’t season the veggies. While your veggies are cooking you can make a batch of cheese sauce.

We’re two people, so I mix together what I think we can eat in one or two sittings and store the rest of the ingredients separately for other uses.

quinoa and cheese