Regrowing Green Onions

This idea is all over Pinterest so it isn’t something new–but maybe you’re skeptical or haven’t seen this idea before!

I bought green onions to make nachos. I kept them in the fridge and snipped some off every day when I had lunch. When I got pretty close to the end of the green I remembered seeing the regrow idea and put mine in a jar of water.

I took a straw and put it through the center of the bunch and then put a rubber band around the green onions above and below the straw so that it was suspended in the jar. I filled it with water to cover the roots and the white bulb, and I have been changing the water daily to keep things fresh.

green onions3green onions2

This is one day of growth. You can see the inside layers are higher than the outside layers. If I would stop using them every day they’d get somewhere, but I’ve been a little onions1