Food Portioning

Here’s one of my Sam’s Club finds–chicken sausage! I like to have everything individually packaged, and here’s how I do it.

chicken sausage1

The sausage comes in three packages of five. For some people, cooking five at a time might be what they need to do. For us, it’s four. So of course having one left over each time would get old. Also, there’s a bunch of different flavors and we like different ones–so it’s nice to take two of each and cook them together.

chicken sausage2

I get foil sheets (also at Sam’s club) and tear them in half, then wrap the sausages individually.

chicken sausage3 chicken sausage4 chicken sausage5I also like to bring these along to work, so it’s easy to take a couple out of the freezer in the morning. This packaging also works great for hamburger patties and chicken patties that we buy.