Black Beans and Sodium Content

I don’t use black beans for a lot of stuff–yet. Just wait until I find more uses! I love them in my stir fry at HuHot and my #1 love for them is making black bean brownies! That recipe will be posted too, of course.

But for now, I want to point out sodium content. We don’t watch our sodium intake. Maybe someday it will be a step we add into our research-before-eating methods, but for now it usually seems to be a problem in processed food because that’s where it’s added. For awhile I was following a SHRED program and there were many meals that included soup–and they had a sodium limit. It was VERY hard to find soup under their content limit, even when it said reduced sodium.

I have two different cans of beans in my pantry–the one on the left with “no salt added” and the one on the right that says “50% less sodium than our regular black beans.

2013-11-26 16.32.15
Which one do you think has less sodium than the other?

2013-11-26 16.32.47

The “no salt added” is 10 mg per serving, the “reduced sodium” is 240 mg per serving! The can on the left doesn’t have salt in the ingredients. It’s prepared black beans and water. The can on the right has prepared black beans, water, and salt.

Some people may look at the calories and see that they’ll save 5 calories per serving with the can on the right, but look at all the added salt you’re getting. It’s always good to read the back of the package thoroughly, because I’ve found over and over that looking at the big splashy advertisement on the front isn’t always a good indicator of health.